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Inside Kate Bosworth’s home

Kate Bosworth is a babe. Not only does she have a killer sense of style and fashion, she is pretty damn hot as well. She's … Read More

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Surprising Films Awarded for Fashion

There are some films that you would never guess have been award nominees and winners for their wardrobes. Accolades for these … Read More

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lake garda

Gelato, pizza, breathtaking views & everything else in between

Exploring the cobbled streets of Padova. It’s been a little under two weeks since The Collective has moved to Italy and what a couple of weeks it has been! From an abundant amount of gelato, sweets and cakes to the consumption of large amounts of pizza and pasta, it’s safe to say that when you move Italy […]


Buongiorno Italia

A couple of weeks back you may recall I posted a story about what it’s really like being a ‘WAG‘. One of the most significant aspects I pointed out about dating a professional sportsman was all the moving around. Well, with that in mind The Collective has an announcement to make. After a couple of […]



My daily beauty routine

People never believe me when I say I’ve never had my make up professionally done but I swear it’s the truth. Well, there was that one time I was a flower girl when I was five but that doesn’t count, I was five and I was a flower girl. When it comes to my daily beauty […]


Cara Delevigne’s eyebrows on celebrities

It’s no secret that here at The Collective we are huge fans of the thick, unruly eyebrow and Cara Delevigne is number one in our books at the moment. But, have you ever wondered what your favourite celebrities would look like with Cara’s eyebrows? Well, Elle (US) has answered our prayers and photoshopped Cara’s brows […]

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Blake Lively’s new lifestyle website

So it’s been about a week or so now since Blake Lively’s new lifestyle website, Preserve, went live and to be quite frank we’re still not feeling it. I on purposely didn’t post about Preserve for a couple of days in hope that it would grow on me, sadly it hasn’t. How about you? Typically, when I […]


Instagram: friend or foe?

It boasts over 200 million users, gains 1.6 billion likes a day and on average over 60 million photographs are shared daily. This my friends is Instagram — the app that has taken over the world, and if I dare say has become even more popular than Facebook and Twitter. Today’s story, however, isn’t about […]

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